Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Soft-Leaf Yucca's Second Stalk (Recurvifolia)

This yucca originally sprouted a stalk that I took daily pictures of for 22 days ("22-Day Cycle of Soft-Leaf Yucca (Recurvifolia)", YouTube video). This article is about its second stalk. The blooming and decline cycle lasted about half as long as the first stalk's, which I will contrast (mostly with video) in the next article.

I spotted bugs for half the days—September 30, October 1 through 4, and October 6. Some might be on more than one day's picture. Most look to be leaf-footed bugs, and an occasional spider.

Before I prepared the images I made for this article's video, I thought the yucca might be a weeping yucca:

"Yucca, Weeping
Yucca, Soft Leaf
Yucca recurvifolia
Weeping Yucca begins as a uniform rosette shrub, growing upward on a single trunk reaching heights of five to six feet before falling over its own weight. New trunks will sprout where the main trunk makes contact with the ground, making it a multi-trunk shrub. … The flower stalk can grow up to five feet above the foliage, displaying a large cluster of white to pale yellow bell-shaped flowers in the early spring that last into the summer.
The description looked good regarding height, multiple stalks, and flower shapes. However, blooming occurred only in July, then again for a very short time in the fall. I also noticed Mortellaro Nursery's image shows the blooms not quite resembling those of my images. Mortellaro's blooms look somewhat splayed, while many of my subject yucca's blooms resemble upside-down tulips.

My next yucca article, besides contrasting the yucca's first and second stalk, will also include some "leftover" succulent info.

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