Saturday, December 24, 2011

Family Matters

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This time of the year is good for reflecting back on something besides material items, whether acquiring for self or others, imho. I've been musing about music and family themes for some time. Last week, watching the movie version of How to Succeed in Business without Trying resparked my interest when the actors launched into "Brotherhood of Man", a joyful, inspiring song with energetic choreography (hallelujah!). What a surprise when I went to youtube and looked for Brotherhood of Man and found several versions of the performance AND a group with that name!
  • Robert Morse is the original Finch of both the stage and movie version of How to Succeed in Business without Trying.
  • For those who remember Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller, his portrayal of Finch shows him all grown up.
  • This Finch is Daniel Radcliffe. (Yes, Harry Potter!) This youtube video starts out with Robert Morse and Matthew Broderick talking about the play's 50th anniversary. John Larroquette (Night Court) is a co-star in this latest version of the play.
  • Now for the OTHER Brotherhood of Man, whom I'd forgotten about over the (um) years. Their moderate hit is "Save Your Kisses for Me."
Even though my article is Family Matters, and brotherhood is not blood relations, I'm being flexible about the etymology regarding family members. From Online Etymology Dictionary, brotherhood:
Originally "relationship of a brother," also "friendly companionship."
Onward to family relations
Pop and mom
Kids! (and siblings)
Parent-offspring relationships
Family member references within the song
A language-derived example for my family theme article is Philadelphia Freedom, by Elton John. From the Online Etymology Dictionary, Philadelphia:
"brotherly love," from philos "loving" + adelphos "brother"
What a difference 200 years make for relationships between the former colonists of the mother country, and the song by a Briton just ahead of the U.S bicentennial. Watch a different performance, which shows people enthusiastically waving their Union Jack and Stars and Stripes flags.