Thursday, December 23, 2010

Buy Buy Buy Ay Ay Ay

Only another couple of shopping days left! Borrowing from an article I wrote about this time last year, I'm thinking gadgets again. Not that I'm going to buy any myself. This year for inspiration, I looked to three local advertising inserts, accompanied by web searches. This article can serve as a mini-shopping list to keep shoppers out of the malls, which I imagine are crowded. If you're cybershopping, it's another matter. If you're bricks-and-mortar shopping, get thee out there!

To provide some mystery and also avoid appearances that I'm pushing specific b&m places, I'm omitting store names. Let's say two of them are drugstores (pharmacies, apothecaries, mini-marts that coincidentally also dispense prescription drugs in teeny corners, …}. The third b&m place is a stand-alone electronics store that seems to have gotten on the holiday-gadget bandwagon. My table format has a heading row for places identified as "A", "B", and "C"—followed by rows for items and prices. To view images of items, copy and paste the item names in Google image searches.

The price focus is for items priced $19.99, $14.99, and $9.99. I listed one notable exception because the item looks so cute. The 99¢ price ending is no accident. My article "The 99¢ Effect and Other Saver Thoughts" includes discussion about the psychology of the pricing something just under the next dollar threshold.

One electronics store that I patronize places those impulse-buy snacks near the bank of cash registers (typical merchandise location). The price signs show the dollar and cents values with different type size. Not that I can recall at this moment, but it seems the cents value is about one-fourth the size of the dollar value. Anyway, happy celebrations of whatever you're celebrating!

Pillow Pets $19.99
34" Jumbo Teddy (bear)
Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball $19.99 $19.99 $14.99
Big Box of Fuzzoodles $19.99

Homedics Neck and Shoulder Massager $19.99

Dr. Scholl's Full Cushion Massager $19.99

Homedics Hand Sanitizer Dispenser $19.99

EnviraScape Home Fragrance $19.99

Dr. Scholl's Foot Spa $19.99

Paper Jamz Guitar $19.99

Paper Jamz Drums $19.99

Shake Weight $19.99

Belly Burner $19.99

Discovery Kids Motorized Pottery Wheel
Discovery Kids Adventure Play Tent
Mister Steamy (dryer ball that you put water into) $14.99
Yoshi Blade (Looks like successor to Ginsu knife) $14.99 $19.99 $14.99
Amazing Wand $14.99
Total Pillow $14.99

Chef Basket $14.99

Snuggle $14.99 $14.99 $9.99
Pet Zoom $9.99

Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover $9.99

Handy Caddy $9.99

Cami Secret $9.99

Might Fix It $9.99

Pasta Boat $9.99

Dropps Detergent $9.99

Voice Recording Photo Frame $9.99

13 in 1 Pocket Tool $9.99

Golfer's Tool $9.99

2 Pack LED Book Lights $9.99

Open It! Any Package $9.99

Sara Peyton Wand $9.99

Sarah Peyton Two Headed Massager (!!) $9.99

Homedics Foot Massage Pillow $9.99

Homedics Mini Bath $9.99

Homedics Exfoliating Shower Massager $9.99

Wexford Glass Personal Scale $9.99

Emerson Triple-head shaver
Emerson wet/dry shaver
Soft-Sided Pet House
Doggy Stairs
Discovery Kids moon lamp
Money Farm piggy bank
Slap Chop

Anti Static Dryer Balls

Wonder Hanger

HD Vision Ultra Sun Glasses

Slippers $9.99

Rainbow toe socks 3pr/$10

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