Friday, November 24, 2017

22-Day Cycle of Twist-Leaf Yucca (Rupicola)

This yucca was the first one I'd been able to take daily pictures for its entire 22-day cycle, April 28 through May 19. All previous twist-leaf yuccas (rupicola) didn't survive. Deer chewed off stalks and blooms within four days of bloom beginnings. Closer views of blooms start on May 6 (day 9). I did not take close-ups of blooms for the final three days.

In rewatching my video, I spotted an ant. I hunted down the original image. It was a pleasant surprise to see not only one, but two ants. Click image for larger composite.

Click for an even closer look.

Specific to the Twist-Leaf Yucca (Yucca Rupicola)

From Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center page for "Yucca rupicola":
New leaves are straight but become twisted with age. Flowering stalks often over 5 feet tall, bearing a cluster of bell-shaped, white flowers with petals up to 2 1/2 inches long and an inch wide, appearing from April to June.
Scroll past "Plant Database" fill-in section. Also, click the gallery link and scroll down to view images. Several of the bloom pictures resemble close-ups that are in my video.
From "Twist-leaf Yucca, Twisted-leaf Yucca, Twisted Yucca":
Its narrow, undulate, olive-green leaves twist as they age; the leaf margins can be yellow, orange or red, with minute sharp teeth. Rupicola means "lover of rock."
Dave's Garden "Twistleaf Yucca, Twist-leaf Yucca, Twisted-leaf Yucca, Rock Yucca, Texas Yucca" has very succinct info, but includes great pix!

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Woody Lemcke said...

Very interesting and nice, Wanda! You could easily moonlight making educational videos. It's great to know others appreciate all life forms.

whilldtkwriter said...

Glad you enjoyed the article and video! Heh, in case you hadn't noticed, my recent videos are more slide shows with effects than narrated motion captures/edits. Even the molting cicada video doesn't have audio. Either getting shyer or lazier about processing and integrating voice. :-)

Steve Schwartzman said...

It's good you were able to document this local species for 22 days. Continuity counts.

whilldtkwriter said...

Thx for comment! Glad it took only 22 days. Did the same pic-taking and doc treatment for the soft-leaf yucca and its 2nd stalk. (Do Blogger search for "yucca" to find the articles.)

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