Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wire Hanger Crowdedness? Use Cable Clamps as Separators

If you’ve tangled with wire hangers with clothes, it’s time to put space at those annoyances on your closet rod. (Works best if the rod is a simple dowel.) Use cable clamps to separate hangers from each other and keep them orderly. Two main spacer methods:
  • Alternating hangers and cable clamps, and simply sliding items along the rod. Hangers can easily hook or unhook from the rod.
  • Hooking each hanger in each cable clamp’s set of holes. Use each hanger and clamp as a unit for draping or removing the article of clothing.
1 Determine the suitable size of cable clamp you need. First, measure the existing rod for its diameter (4 suggested methods).
  • Hold measuring stick across the dowel’s diameter.
  • Use calipers to measure diameter.
  • Wrap measuring tape around dowel for circumference, then divide by pi (3.14) to obtain diameter.
  • Wrap paper around dowel, fold to mark circumference, measure length, then divide number by pi (3.14) to obtain diameter.
2 Obtain suitable cable clamps.

The brand of cable clamps I bought were Thomas & Bettes (100 for $10, free shipping, fast delivery), using eBay.

**Beware of high price quotes at other websites showing the same part number.**
100 Thomas & Betts 1.5" Nylon Cable Clamp # N6NY-024-9-C, $10.00, FREE Standard Shipping

3 View the video for ideas for cable clamp and hanger placement ideas.

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Woody Lemcke said...

Very cool Wanda! These were pervasive in automated/robotic manufacturing equipment control enclosures when we used to design and modify them. I never dreamed of such a creative use. Maybe this would help get me out of the Oscar the Grouch/Pigpen phase? ;^)

whilldtkwriter said...

Thx for compliment! I still need to fully implement the cable clamps in my closet. My staging area for pic-taking sessions for the video was the laundry room, where I had loads of room. FWIW, I don't think you're in the phase you're naming. :-)

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