Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pizza Boxes Part 1

I’m guessing that way more than 99% of pizza boxes function as containers for pizza. Afterward, the boxes get tossed in the trash. (A recycle advisory says to not recycle them because grease and food contaminate the boxes. A few might serve as overnight leftover pizza containers, then tossed out.

Pizza Box Uses Besides for Pizzas
I can think of three additional purposes for pizza boxes (brand spankin’ new, however), of which I’ve used for two purposes in the past.
  • Container for a pizza jigsaw puzzle (similar to some Zazzle images)
  • Storage for a Bahtinov mask, my more recent pizza box use. Some masks are professionally manufactured, some are DIY and might or might not include an embroidery hoop, as the image at the top of the article.
  • If unfolded, a surface for a partially assembled jigsaw puzzle. To make it a corral for transporting a puzzle to another tabletop, fold and tape some edges to form walls.
Note: Typical pizza places probably sell three to five different pizza sizes, so you can pick your suitable box size.

Products that are Called Pizza Boxes
Some products are referred to as pizza boxes because of shape similarities, often box-like with matching length by width and short height.
Wending from Bhatinov Focusing Mask to Pizza Box
We recently made a Bhatinov focusing mask, which included lots of tedium in gingerly and accurately cutting slots. To protect the finished mask and its embroidery hoop, I thought a pizza box, with its stiff corrugated cardboard structure, would be perfect for storage.

After measuring the mask with hoop (about 10.5" diameter), I poked around the web for pizza box info. (Read nitty gritty details about boxes in Pizza Boxes Part 2.) Anyway, we bought a new 12" pizza box for 25¢ while buying an extra large pizza to go.

Those who are interested in astronomy and astrophotography and want to know more about Bhatinov focusing masks can start with some resources as follows:

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