Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why Are So Many Tortilla Chips Triangles?

These shapes force the eater to form a Wallace (of Wallace and Grommit) mouth shape for minimizing messiness when the chips have flavor powders, dip, queso, or nacho toppings. These chips can be (and have been) hazardous, especially if the toppings are hot, melted, or both. Ow!

Besides lots of tortilla chips, most Doritos are also triangles. Note, however, the niche line DINAMITA chip shape is rollup with various flavors. For the Jacked 3D product, the shape is triangular with thickness.

According to some commenters in an online discussion "How did Lays decide to make Doritos in the shape of a triangle?", Doritos and tortilla chips originated as wedges from round tortillas, or emulation of. At "Why are nacho chips triangular?", a commenter offers another explanation for the typical tortilla chip shape:
it represents the shape that creates the least amount of wastage and greatest amount of throughput, while still honoring the original wedge design (created from circular-shaped corn tortillas)
The YouTube video "How Tortilla Chips Are Made" shows the entire process. At the 2:20 time mark, the measurement for thinness displays 0.93 (assuming 1/32", by metric-to-inches conversion. A similar YouTube video with some different details is "How its made doritos Tortilla Chips", even though the product brand is actually Tom's.

In case you're confused about differentiating nachos, Doritos, and tortillas, "What is the difference between nachos, Doritos and tortillas?" succinctly explains, with pictures.

How about more info about Doritos? Visit "102 Doritos Flavors from Around the World". For a site that more emphasizes non-US Doritos, visit "35 Strange Doritos Flavors From Around The World (But Mostly Asia)". Note the Christmas tree shapes in #23 (Winter Cheese) and #30 (Roast Turkey). Another eye-catcher is the PIZZA-LA label.

Want to try making your own tortilla chips from tortillas? "HOMEMADE DORITOS STYLE CHIPS - Nicko's Kitchen" shows how. At the 1:20 time mark, Nicko mentions baking the oiled wedges at 170° C (338° F) for 7 to 10 minutes. He also suggests seasonings, one type being the flavorings from a mac 'n' cheese package.

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