Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dreamy Music

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Songs with the word "dream" conjure mind wanderings. It's difficult to be asleep AND think or mentally sing songs about dreams and dreaming. However, one song that could fit the bill might be one about daydreaming, such as "Daydream Believer" by the Monkees.

List 1 of 2 (compiled late August 2012)
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Wyman Stewart said...

"Dreaming" by Blondie "If I Can Dream" by Elvis
"Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On" (original) by Hank Locklin "Just A Dream" by Jimmy Clanton "Dreams of An Everyday Housewife" by Glen Campbell. (Sorry, no time for YouTube links.)

Hope you don't mind. I write The Music Muse Interview blog, so finding you on Peter Noone's website was like a moth attracted to a flame. Will be back another time. Was on my way out the door for lunch, When I Saw You Writing There, to paraphrase a Beatles song lyric.

Nice to meet you!

whilldtkwriter said...

Thanks for commenting, Wyman. Good suggestions! I don't know Dreaming by Blondie. The version of Send Me the Pillow that I'm familiar with is Dean Martin's. I remember Just a Dream by Jimmy Clanton. I'm also familiar with Dreams of Everyday Housewife, although I seem to recall someone else recording it first. I will add youtube links another time.

whilldtkwriter said...

Several video updates made today, mostly replacing YouTube videos that were pulled.

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