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Post-TDay Travel--Part 3 of 3

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This article is the third of three parts of the Thanksgiving week travel theme. In the first article, I wrote about songs about planes, trains, and cars, based on the movie title Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. As I dove into writing about other travel modes, I wandered around from song to song. I concluded I have enough material for three parts. Part 2 is about water travel songs—boats, surfboards, submarines, ….

This article covers the rest of the travel modes I can think of. I've listed songs, artists, lyrics sites, and video sites (if possible). Take another trip down memory lane.

One Foot in Front of the Other
Song Artist(s) Lyrics Video Comment(s)
Walk, Don't Run Ventures NA V
25 Miles Edwin Starr Click ES
Stroll Diamonds Click D
Hitch Hike Marvin Gaye Click MG

Non-car Wheelies
Song Artist(s) Lyrics Video Comment(s)
Surrey with the Fringe on Top Various Click BD, GM to SJ from Oklahoma play
Bicycle Song Red Hot Chlit Peppers Click RHCP
Bicycle Race Queen Click Q
Bicycle Built for Two Various Click Chipmunks, computer
Acoustic Motorbike Luka Bloom Click LB
Little Honda Hondells Click H, [imagery] 2nd video—montage
Highway In The Wind Arlo Guthrie Click AG
Motorcycle Song Arlo Guthrie Click AG Significance

Mass Transit (of Sorts)
Song Artist(s) Lyrics Video Comment(s)
Bus Stop Hollies Click H
Magic Bus The Who Click Who
Another One Rides the Bus Weird Al Click AY parody of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust"
Promised Land Chuck Berry Click CB Prominent in MIB w/Tommy Lee Jones singing with radio while driving upside down
Convoy C.W. McCall Click CWM, [imagery] 1st video—movie trailer w/complete song, 2nd video—montage w/twist on lyrics

Clippity Cloppity
Song Artist(s) Lyrics Video Comment(s)
Over the River and Through the Woods Various 1, 2 Chipmunks Lyrics for Thanksgiving, Christmas refs
Horse with No Name America Click A
El Paso Marty Robbins Click MR Performance from father, then son
Ghost Riders in the Sky Johnny Cash, Pukipu/Ramrods Click JC, P/R 1st video—Johnny Cash
2nd video—Pukipu/Ramrods

Up in the Sky (Not Planes)
Song Artist(s) Lyrics Video Comment(s)
Superman/Can You Read My Mind John Williams composer Click JW
Up, Up, and Away 5th Dimension Click 5D
Yellow Balloon Yellow Balloon Click YB
Magic Carpet Ride Steppenwolf Click S
Whole New World Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle Click PB&RB

Up in the Stratosphere (Also Not Planes)
Song Artist(s) Lyrics Video Comment(s)
Rocket Man Elton John Click EJ
Fly Me to the Moon Frank Sinatra Click FS
Star Wars John Williams composer NA JW
Star Trek Various NA classic, Next Generation
Telstar Tornados NA T Trivia: Band member George Bellamy is father of Muse’s Matt Bellamy.
Martian Hop Ran-Dells Click RD
Bennie and the Jets Elton John Click EJ All these years, I never knew it was Bennie, and Bennie’ a she. ("She's got electric boots a mohair suit")

Just Moving On
Song Artist(s) Lyrics Video Comment(s)
Wayward Wind Gogi Grant Click GG
Travelin' Man Rick Nelson Click RN
Ramblin’ Man Allman Brothers Click AB
The Wanderer Dion Click Dion
Different Drum Linda Ronstadt, Michael Nesmith Click LR, MN Lyrics link plays LR's song immediately.
1st video—LR, as part of Stone Poneys
2nd video—MN (ex-Monkee), DD writer
Me and You and a Dog Named Boo Lobo Click Lobo
On the Road Again Willie Nelson Click WN
On the Road Again Canned Heat Click CH


BAC said...

Some more songs....
"The Acoustic Motorbike" by Luka Bloom is the perfect cycling song.

How could you omit "Bus Stop" by the Hollies?

And "Highway in the Wind" by Arlo Guthrie belongs on the list too.

whilldtkwriter said...

Thanks for comments! Have it in the queue to update. Slipped my mind about Bus Stop. Hadn't heard of the other songs before. Stumbled upon Arlo's Motorcycle Song while watching Highway in the Wind. said...

How could we forget "Over the River and Through the Woods", which is actually about traveling to Grandma's for THANKSGIVING? Add it to the Clippity Cloppity group.

whilldtkwriter said...

Absolutely will put the gramma song in the queue for update! Thanks!

whilldtkwriter said...

Revisited and revised links to music videos, and replaced and added links to the YouTube playlists at and

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