Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tooling A Round

I have run across several tools I use often, sometimes in spurts. Some are online calculators; some are downloadable tools to be installed on the computer. The page titles are self-explanatory. Most instructions at the sites are intuitive. Note that I cite a LOT.

"The World Clock ­ Time Zones"

I used this online resource often to determine the times for co-workers in other time zones, particularly those located overseas. Timing was important when communicating or passing documents back and forth.

"Calculate distance between two locations"

Select "From location", "To location", then "Calculate distance".

"See other locations near a city" (Austin)

Select a city, then click the button "See cities close to location".

"Calendar for year 2010 (United States)" (default settings, customizable)

Here's my shameless plug for my article about creating monthly calendars:

"CSS Font and Text Style Wizard"

Click buttons, then see the results and code.

"Free File Converter
Convert your files into different formats."

Click the Convert File tab to get to the interface as follows:

  1. Obtain the existing file (Browse)
  2. Select the format you want (dropdown list box).
  3. Click Convert.
  4. Click the download button to save or open the converted file.

"Cool Ruler 1.5: Free Download"

This tool's features include variable length, capabilities of launching multiple instances, rotating them for 90° positions, and marking tics at onscreen image widths. This is and excellent aid when working with mechanical images or other images where visual scaling is desirable.

"PrintFolder 1.2" (at URL below)

This tool makes it possible to rightclick a folder and generate an onscreen list of your folder's files and other information, suitable for copy/paste onto email.

"EditPlus 3.12" (text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor and Java editor for Windows)

I had used this tool for html coding for about year or so before I acquired Dreamweaver.

"Irfanview of the most popular viewers worldwide!"

I had used Irfanview initially for its thumbnail features. My graphics tool of choice has been PaintShopPro; however, I will probably soon explore more recent Irfanview's features that have caught my eye, such as playing movies, playing sounds, and creating slideshows.

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